artwork available:

poppies in a bucket $295 (25″h x 21″w x 1/2″d)-sold
2-yellow-birds-in-circle-tabletop $225 (29″h/w x 2-4″d) sold
blue-bird-on-hammer $95 (12″h x 4″w x 3″d)-sold
orange flower on gas pump handle $165 (23″h x 8″w x 3″d)-sold
flower-basket-saw-blades $525 (28″w x 39″h x 4-6″d) sold
4-petal-yellow-flower-with-asymmetrical-leaves $125 (30″h x 14 1/2″w x 4″d)
purple and white flower on a can $125 (21″h x 10 1/2″w x 6″d)-available at Troika Gallery
fox-with-bluebird-front-view $1,850 (30″h x 15″w x 18″d)
yellow chicken wall hanging $215 (26″h x 21″w x 3″d)-available at Pottery 101

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