artwork available:

2 yellow flowers on a pineapple $145 (18″h x 10″w x 10″d)
dragonfly wall hanging $600 (37 1/2″h x 37 1/2″w x 13″d)
white daisy on a can wall hanging $215 (32″h x 33″w x 4-6″d)
tall owl on fence $1,600 (23″w x 17 3/4 d x 78″h)
tall owl closeup (Concord NC license plate body 1974)
Lil’ Camel $185 (19″h x 13″w x 4″d)
blue flower on can -wall hanging $195 (33″h x 17″w x 5″d)
blue flower on red and white tricycle seat $145 (19″h x 7″w x 2″d)
bear head wall hanging $245 (12″h x 10″w x 4″d)
tall white daisy with spiral center and purple base $245 (4ft h x 22″w x 10″d)
blue bird wall hanging with red flower #3 $195 (6 1/2″h x 4″w x 2″d)

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